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Your Travel Packing Essentials

Packing for a trip can be a real task in itself. You never know what you need and you end up packing this and that and everything else and forget that one most essential thing. Admit it. We have all done that. It is always best to start with a checklist of things you’ll need. Only take the things you are sure you’ll need. The key to packing for a trip is to pack light. You don’t want to spend all the time dragging your stuff from one point to the other and worrying about where to leave your luggage. I would hate to be the one to slow down everyone in the group because of my luggage. So remember to pack light by taking only the essentials. Travel light should be your motto.

  • Clothes

I say go wild with fashion. Experiment. Share clothes from your wardrobe with your friends and borrow some. But do that before you start the trip not during your trip. They might need them as well. Pack clothes that will suit your destination and things you are planning to do on your trip.

Travel packing

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  • Cosmetic Kit

Moisturizer, lip balm, hair serum and Kajal are pretty much my beauty essentials. What are yours? It is better to keep a small pouch for all these things.

  • Shoes

Just like clothes, you need to pack shoes that will suit the destination. You are not on a fashion marathon. You do not need a shoe for each top. Select shoes that will go with most of your clothes. And never compromise on comfort.

Please take your tooth brush and shaving set with you. Stock up on some sanitary pads. If you insist on using your personal bath towels, shampoo and conditioner, take them with you, but in small samples. Take only that is essential and required portions of it. You don’t want your one litre moisturizer occupy all the space in your bag. Carry wet and dry tissues with you.

  • Accessories

Hat, sunglasses, umbrella, woollens; take all and only those that you will need.

Travel packing

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  • Camera

Take a decent digital camera with you. There is going to be a lot of shots to take. I hope you have taken the charger of your camera as well as your phone and batteries with you. Ensure there is enough space on your SD card.

  • Books and music

In between your travel, you get a lot of me-time. At the airport, in the train, in the hotel, by the pool, in the park. You need to take this free time also into consideration when you pack. Stock up on music and books. I carry my kindle with me all the time. Remember the key to travelling is travelling light


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  • Medicines

Take medicines for pain relief, cold, fever and digestion. Stock up on a few band aids. You never know. If you are prone to allergies of any kind take medicines for that too. You do not want to ruin your trip because of any illness.

This includes money, debit/credit cards, Photo ID, tickets. Before you leave your home see if you are carrying your phone with you. That is one thing you leave behind during the last minute rush.

Travel packing

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