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Being the Youngest Kid in the House

The pros and cons of being the youngest kid at home has been one of the most disputed topics of all time. Researches, scholars, scientists and politicians have spent years brainstorming, investigating, discussing and arguing only to figure out if being the youngest kid is good or bad. It is the most debated topic ranking above global warming and even the latest freedom of speech vs. anti-nationalism argument. Who am I kidding! After that, of course, but right after that!

So, I decided to do my part in contributing to this age old argument and came up with this.

Old books

My sister was a very studious girl. She would highlight every other line, scribble points and notes everywhere on her books and place sticky notes wherever there wasn’t enough space. You get the picture, don’t you? By the time these books reach me, it would have become an eighth century BC manuscript discovered from the bottom of Dead Sea. But that was okay by me. I hardly used them anyway.youngest kid

Will declares you the beneficiary of all the things Old

Do parents seriously have no sense of fashion? Why in hell would they buy my sister a rainbow dress with hundreds of frills everywhere and why on Earth would it be passed on to me after she has worn it everywhere like a million times. And I still remember playing with dolls with no limbs, excessive makeup and torn clothes.giphy (39)

The Ultimate Thief

As the youngest in the cousins group, I was always the one to be sent to steal snacks and chocolates from our grandmother’s hidden treasury. Not so hidden, grandma. I had gotten away with it most of the time. At times I have been caught and scolded too. But what can a little girl do. She has orders from above.

Everyone at school knows you

At school, everyone knows you but no one knows you by your name. You are always referred to as ‘Tom’s sister’ or ‘Lily’s brother’. But because of your elder sibling, you get a lot of attention and you get a head start on your classmates, that is, if your elder sibling was not a trouble maker. If he was, you are instantly labelled as one too.giphy (38)

Last to lay hands on the joy stick

In my cousins group Player 1 Joystick will always be with my eldest cousin and we all would wait for our turn to lay our hands on the Player 2 joystick to play Battleship. By the time it is my turn, our grandmother will call us for lunch, tea or dinner. Now this is something only the 90’s kid will understand and those of you who are fortunate enough to own an Xbox.

Be a master at the blame game

Well, you don’t need joy stick for this game. You can get your hands dirty in any mischief inside the house with your siblings and not worry your heads off on getting caught. You can always point one little dirty finger at your elder sibling and save yourselves from the blame. Supposedly, they are the older and wiser one (which we all know is not true but can be assumed when the situation demands) who should know what they are doing and not give you a bad example.giphy (44)

Whatever you do has already been done

You would be the topper in your school and could have won several medals in sports and you could be proud of your achievement as much as you want. But once you are in the house, it just doesn’t seem like a big deal because your elder brother has already done that. And then you get enlightened with the tales of how he did it much better than you and how this generation has more privileges, how everything has become so easy now and how it used to be a rare and difficult task etc.giphy (40)

You are the least experimented on

One thing about parents is, they have no clue what they are doing. So the kids naturally become lab rats. With the first child they experiment certain things. Some things work, some does not and some are just do-not-try-these-at-home. With every experiment executed they learn something, hopefully. The younger you are, you are treated with tried and tested methods, which should make you feel a lot safer and secure than the older ones, but surely not safe enough.

School/college bullies seem lame to you

If you go to the same school as your elder brother, no one would ever dare to bully you. You are already in the big league. You have friends among the seniors. Even if you go to a different school or college, you have gone through enough torment at home already that you eventually grow thick skin. Every time a senior tries to terrorize you, all you can say is, “try a little harder, buddy”.giphy (41)

Comparing you with your elder one never ends

As the youngest kid, “Learn from your sister is the last thing you want to hear”. You always get compared with your elder sibling. And one day even if you outperform your elder one, the age old this-generation-has-it-a-lot-easier argument pops up out of thin air.giphy (43)

You get everything

Nobody has ever asked a younger child to sacrifice anything in this whole wide world. You get the bigger share of the chocolate. Say what you want, it is all yours.giphy (42)

They’ll always have your back

Be it in school or college, in the bus or among your relatives, they would never let anyone be mean to you. And they would never tell mom what you did. They will be your biggest support system. So relax, you are in safe hands.youngest kid

Now that you have gone through my list, let me know if you agree. Do you have anything else in mind? Comment below.

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