You should have asked

This was originally posted here: You should’ve asked by the amazing graphic artist Emma


Here is the english version of my now famous “Fallait demander” !

Thanks Una from for the translation 🙂

You should've asked_001You should've asked_002You should've asked_003You should've asked_004You should've asked_005You should've asked_006You should've asked_007You should've asked_008You should've asked_009You should've asked_010

You should've asked_011

You should've asked_012You should've asked_013You should've asked_014

You should've asked_016You should've asked_017You should've asked_018You should've asked_019You should've asked_020You should've asked_021You should've asked_022You should've asked_023You should've asked_024You should've asked_025You should've asked_026You should've asked_027You should've asked_028You should've asked_029You should've asked_030You should've asked_031You should've asked_032You should've asked_033You should've asked_034You should've asked_035You should've asked_036You should've asked_037You should've asked_038You should've asked_039You should've asked_040

2 thoughts on “You should have asked

  1. What if she has chosen not to take a job? Does he still need to share the house-work physical or otherwise?

    1. I think it’s all based on the understanding between the partners. Now every job has its pros and cons. But can we even call household chores a ‘job’. After all, a full time home maker doesn’t have a defined work schedule. it doesn’t give you holidays. No payment for sure. Most often no appreciation. Plus the constant judgements like, “you don’t do a thing”, “I bring the money” etc.
      Partners should take charge and participate in the housework instead of waiting for the call for ‘help’.. You are not doing anyone any favour only sharing the chores or doing it together.. Less stress, more time together.. Win-win

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