You are Beautiful. So am I

We never leave the house without looking into the mirror. We do everything to look beautiful. Rather than buying a pair of jeans that’s our size, we buy smaller jeans and try to squeeze ourselves into it. We starve ourselves. We follow the daily ritual- Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Foundation, blah, blah blah. We spend hours trying to perfect that eyeliner and let’s not even start with the hair. We straighten it and then curl it. We thread, shave, wax and epilate. Things we do in the name of beauty!

After having spend all these hours trying to tame our hair and getting the ritual done, how many times have any of us got a real compliment, ever? Well, how many times have we given out any? Imagine some stranger (who doesn’t want your number or your friend’s, who is not a psychopath who wants to kill you) came over to you and told you that one thing, “You are beautiful” and left just like that. How would you react to it? I might end up running in the other direction for dear life. Who does that, right? No one. And, we have taken an oath not to give away any compliments. None.

Well, this girl, Shea Glover set out with her camera on an independent project filming fellow students and teachers at her school who she thought were beautiful . While she was filming them, she told them her intend. The reactions she got from these people were amazing. See for yourself.

So next time you see someone pretty, go ahead, tell them, “You are beautiful”. And Run!! (:P) Run till this stigma ends and people don’t hesitate or fear to give or take a harmless compliment. Appreciate beauty. Don’t be shy. Tell others and yourself that, “You are beautiful.”

As Shea writes in her video, “There is so much beauty in the world. If you blink, you’ll miss it.”

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