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This Women’s Day, pick the Female Movie Character that inspires you most

So it is March 8, International Women’s Day. While we celebrate and salute all the women in our lives I have made a list of eight women from the movies I look up to. These female movie characters are honest and inspirational. Check them out:

Zoey Deschanel as Summer in 500 days of Summer

Summer, played by the beautiful Zoey Deschanel is one of the most honest characters I have seen on screen. In the movie Summer is reluctant to define her relationship with Tom. Eventhough, we tend to easily sympathize with Tom, we have all been Summer at times in our lives. Summer tells us that being in love with someone today and changing your mind tomorrow is okay. Things happen. How many of us can promise to keep a promise?female movie characters

Kangana Ranaut as Rani in Queen

Rani is a much adored character in the recent times. Rani, a simple, innocent and shy girl who has been molded by her family and the society to be the sweet wife of someone, has aspirations and dreams like any other person.  However, thinks it is okay leave them if her fiancé asks her to. But when her fiancé, who once did everything to get attention, calls of the wedding she is totally devastated. Surprisinlgy, she then leaves for a preplanned honeymoon all alone. It is refreshing to watch her overcome her fears and take over the world and transform into a liberated sensible woman. We have all wanted to be her, even if that comes with the much awaited wedding getting cancelled and saying good bye to that ravishing designer lehenga. Or, maybe not.female movie characters

Nicole Kidman as Lady Sarah Ashley/Missus Boss  in Australia

Missus Boss, as she is fondly called is a tough, brave and determined woman who decides to run Faraway Downs on her own after her husband’s death and drives the cattle across thousands of miles and the Never-Never to Darwin. She does not easily give up and is ‘as capable as any man’. She knows what she wants and gets it done. She is the boss after all.female movie characters

Kareena Kapoor as Geet Dhillon in Jab We Met

Geet is chatty, vivacious, adorably bubbly, but don’t take her for a damsel in distress, because she is not. She knows how to get things done. She listens to her heart and does exactly that without worrying over the consequences. What has to happen will happen. That doesn’t mean you destroy what you have now for what will happen then. Oh! And Geet has an important lesson for us. Be your favourite.female movie characters

Meryl Streep as Miranda Presly in The Devil wears Prada

Miranda Priestly is the Editor-in-Chief of a very chic and influential fashion magazine, Runway. She is very serious about her job and so about fashion. She is the boss from hell. You do not want to mess with. She could freeze you in fear with one icy cold glare and make you run for dear life with one sharp turn on her heels. I repeat, you do not want to mess with her.female movie characters

Emma Watson as Hermione Granger in The Harry Potter series

Hermione is studious, bookish and posses brilliant academic knowledge. She is an encyclopedia. She is the little know-it-all we made fun of at school and ran to right before the exams. Being the nerd that she is, she is also brave, quick witted, upright, very logical and was always the voice of reason among the three. She has saved their asses a couple of times with her meticulous planning and vast intellect.female movie characters

Rapunzel in Tangled

Rapunzel is a beautiful princess with long, magical, golden hair. She is kidnapped and so is regarded as “The Lost Princess” and is a captive in a tower hidden in the forest. Yeah, the perfect oh-so-naïve damsel-in-distress. So you would think, until you have met her pet. Who would keep a chameleon for a pet?  She is quirky, spirited, daring, determined and full of aspirations. Rapunzel is awestruck by the floating lanterns and sets off with this complete stranger, Flynn Rider to fulfill her dream. She actually bribes him into it. Point being, she is the modern new age princess who does not need saving and is completely capable of looking after herself (don’t forget the frying pan).female movie characters

Sridevi as Shashi in English Vinglish

Shashi is a homemaker and also a budding entrepreneur. But gets bullied by her family for her bad English. We have seen Shashi almost everywhere around us. She lives in our house, longing for the lost dignity in front of her family. But when a wedding takes her to New York, she decides to learn the language and does so brilliantly. After all it is just another language.female movie charactersfemale movie charactersfemale movie characters

Tell me who is your favourite. If you think anyone else should be on the list, comment below and let us know why.female movie characters

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