Why having a Cousin of the Same Age is Awesome

Do you have a cousin of the same age? I mean the one born in the same year as you, the one who went to school and college the same year as you. The one you grew up with. Having a cousin of your age is awesome. I have three, one boy and two girls, which makes it super awesome.

Here is why:

  1. Family parties: With all the uncles and aunties mercilessly inquiring all about your studies, your job, your marriage and God knows what not, your cousins are the only reason why you still attend a family party. That is the one time you meet, have fun and gossip about the above mentioned uncles and party
  1. Inside jokes: You know everyone’s story, who is obsessed with what and everything else. And whenever a grown up does exactly the thing you have been talking about last night, you exchange inconspicuous glances at each other. Admit it. You have done it. So have I. cousins
  1. .Problems in the extended family: Whatever happens in the extended family quarrels, misunderstandings, neither of which will ever affect your relationship. You will sit up in a corner, get comfortable and discuss why Rasika chachi shouldn’t have said what she said or that Bade papa was just making a big deal out of it. And if at all either of your parents are involved you totally avoid the topic.cousins
  1. The notorious pair: You are always portrayed as the notorious two. But admit it. It’s a lot of
  1. Old memories: Your cousin is part of every childhood memory of yours. No photo album or birthday party is complete without them in it. Every prank you played he/ she will be a part of it. Every fight you had, he/ she is standing right next to you, except when you are fighting each other of course.
  1. Competition: Here comes the worst part. It seems as if the each conversation in your family in a way or other is intended to compare between the two of you. Who scored better marks, who is good in sports, who can dance, who cannot. And if you chose arts and your cousin a professional course for graduation, you are screwed for life. But wait! He is regretting the very moment he made that decision.
  1. Parents: It is sad for them, that they are the ones in pressure because of all the competition mentioned above. They are always doing everything possible to make you the better of the two. But none of these affects either of you. I mean, what does your Mathematics results or his silver medal got anything to do with either of you. You stand by each other no matter what.cousins
  1. Marriage: Ahh!! The best part. The time when each household takes up a Game of Thrones mode. Your parents are obsessed on getting you married before your cousin does and the story at the other end is no different. But for you your cousin’s wedding is the biggest event of your life. You are part of the shopping, the parlour visits, the fittings, the whole festival and every other fun part of weddings minus the stress of actually getting married.
  1. First and forever best friends: You move places, you change schools, you go to college, you make friends and you lose contact with the older ones. But you and your cousin are best friends since birth. You are more than friends. You are friendsImage courtesy: Giphy

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