sexist comments comebacks

Things women are tired of hearing & the Comebacks they deserve

I still have to meet a woman who has never been catcalled on the street, never been reminded of her ‘weaknesses’ as a woman and never been in a group in which someone cracks a sexist joke and everyone else just laughs. Sometimes people don’t see it, even when thrown at their faces, because they have been hearing it for so long, that it has somehow become acceptable even if it makes your skin crawl. Sometimes people don’t perceive sexist incidents or comments as derogatory and harmful. Everyday sexism exists and it is simply unacceptable. You need to acknowledge and respond to it. You have to say it out loud that you’ll not take it, not even casually or as a joke. And to people who do not realize what they said is inherently sexist, we need to tell them that it is and correct them. Here, I have listed some of the very common remarks women face multiple times in their life and the replies they deserve. So the next time you come across such remarks, give them a fist sized piece of your mind.
sexist comments comebacks

Whenever women passionately express their opinion on anything, they are attributed to their emotionality and are asked to relax or calm down. And their opinion on that matter gets tossed out of the window. But when men do the same they are heard and taken seriously. Being told to relax when you are ardently trying to voice your opinion, suggest that you are being emotional and thus invalidates whatever your opinion is, while the other person does not even shown the courtesy to listen to it. This is the last thing a woman wants to hear in a conversation, but always does. When you look at it, it is the man’s only defense to save his ass from being proved wrong by a woman.

sexist comments comebacks

I do not understand why women are always asked to act sweet and smile all the time. You smile when you feel like it, not when people want to see you smile. We do not owe anyone smiles nor can anyone demand us to smile and we have not sworn to please the rest of the world. I am not an object that provides visual entertainment to anyone.

sexist comments comebacksFrom where does these random people at those family parties, who you have never met before, who probably even don’t know your name bring all this sudden interest in your life. Why aren’t you pregnant yet? How long have you been married? What age are you? Have you seen a doc yet?.. Oh my god! Give me a break. Now who needs to calm down? How do you even know if I want kids?

sexist comments comebacksThis is another weapon men use in combat when they know they are about to lose the battle. Drag in biology into the quarrel. Having to go through period every month is no joy ride and so gives no authority to someone without a vagina to make a joke out of it. This shall not be tolerated. Let them know how silly and immature they are to do that

sexist comments comebacksPlease do not forget the wink part. They’ll actually take you seriously and start making the necessary arrangements. You marry when you are ready for marriage and if you want to, not when your mother’s brother’s wife’s uncle’s daughter thinks it is time. This is like a ludicrous culture backlash. Where do these people find this grandmotherly concern to get all the daughters on the Earth married? It is really no one’s business.

sexist comments comebacksEvery time a girl is out there looking for a job or pursuing a career, she will have heard that question. All those times she’ll then have to start singing the song of how her family is very supportive of her and how serious she is about the job and how she has been blessed by the God Almighty with 36 hours a day to juggle both home and work. Men never get asked this kind of question. My question is doesn’t the man of the house also have responsibilities towards the house. Then why aren’t they being asked the same.

sexist comments comebacksReally! How can someone be this archaic to ask such a question in this century? This is equally unfair to men as they have proved time and again that they are great in the kitchen. This kind of gender stereotyping insults women and men alike and devalues vital life skills like cooking.

sexist comments comebacksEver since I was a child this remark has always irked me. We have been told we are the weaker sex a billion times in our lives and we are tired of hearing it. And from then to the rest of our lives we have to try and do everything to prove otherwise. I believe, this is what has paved the war between the sexes.

Now you know what to say to people who are inconsiderate to other people’s emotions. What are the other sexist comments you have heard and what was/would be your reply to those. Let us know in the comments below

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