sexist comments comebacks

Things men are tired of hearing and the Comebacks that they deserve

Men in our society, since ages are considered the strong and powerful individual who are sometimes mere (but sturdy) machines that provide for the rest of us, fix things, protect us, carry us and our stuff, pay our bills and so on. Yes, men are also prey of being stereotyped since ages. Not all the men are reckless, careless, emotionless and strong. While they can carry us, fix things and care for us, they urge to be taken care of.  We have talked about the common sexist comments made on women, but these comments made on men can be just as harmful

sexist comments comebacksSince time unknown, doing anything ‘like a girl’ has been considered an abuse and a way to express that girls are inferior to boys. How did doing anything like a girl become an insult or indication of weakness? We need to teach our boys and girls that there is nothing wrong with being a girl or a boy and doing anything like a girl or boy and using that as an insult is just not acceptable.

sexist comments comebacksNow tell me, what a ‘real job’ is. Is it the one where you bust your ass off for 12 hours a day in a cubicle so that it will pay your bills for the month or the one that lands you on big fat checks for crunching a few numbers? These are of course great jobs, real or imaginary. But so is the job of a nurse, a waiter, an artist, a teacher and everything else. As long as you love what you do, it shouldn’t matter what job that is, despite your gender.

sexist comments comebacksI am guilty of assuming that about my husband. I thought he was incapable of looking after himself and the house. Once, when I returned home after two weeks of travel, I was expecting grimy floor, piled up dirty laundry, things scattered all over the place, you get the picture, right. But I opened the door to a much cleaner house, cleaner than the way I had left it, proving me completely wrong.

As long as we are talking diapers,

sexist comments comebacks

We assume that men are careless and that they are not capable of looking after the kids. Why don’t we trust the men with the kids? They are perfectly capable of looking after their kids. Men who chose to prioritize the home and the kids are dubbed soft and unmanly. The man and the woman of the house are in this together, remember? Neither men nor women are born with the knowledge of parenting. We do, we learn. So let’s do and learn the art and science of parenting together

sexist comments comebacks

We label a man to be strong, dominant and insistent and not the other. They are seen as the providers of the house, the one people look out for help, who himself does not require any. Being the other implies weakness and that he is not a ‘real man’. Comments like these do exactly that.

sexist comments comebacksThese are nothing but unnecessary gender policing at their best. Men are often objectified as tools, tools that feel no pain, possess no emotions, fix things and simply serve its function. And that is being pushed at them right from childhood. By endorsing these myths that, men are unemotional in the attempt to make them strong or whatever, we are raising men who are forced to cover up their feelings and then anger becomes the one and only emotion deemed acceptable for men, which of course has devastating repercussions on other people men, women and children alike, and themselves.

sexist comments comebacksJust the way women are told that ‘Women belong in the kitchen’, this one suggests that men can’t help around the house. I guess women are most tired of hearing this than men. No man, or woman enjoys doing housework. So rather than one person doing all the work that no one likes to do, it is always best that the man and the woman of the house share the chores. The couple that does the chores together, stay together  and it becomes less work and more fun.

sexist comments comebacksWhen in a relationship, you agree, you disagree, you love and you fight. But at the end of the fight, men are most of the times thrown out of room or onto the couch. Dearest ladies, next time you have a fight with your husband why don’t you take the couch. It is completely fair in an environment where men and women are treated equal. And isn’t that what we want, equality.

Both men and women face unhealthy gender stereotyping on a daily basis. The only way to end this is through equality, treating each other as individuals, with respect, despite the gender. Kids need to be taught that it is completely okay to choose activities that do not conform to traditional gender roles and doing those does not make you bad or weak or silly.

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