That Time of the Month and it’s Total Chaos

And here it is. With all the tantrums I was throwing recently and the silly old cramps, I should have guessed. I should have known it is only Mr PMS, the local goon here to collect his hafta (ransom) for me being a woman. This is what I always thought as a teenager when it was ‘That time of the month’. By that time of the month, I mean, that very week, a week before and a week after (Mr PMS does not just leave like that). It would drive me crazy. Every girl I knew had infinite tales of niggling troubles to tell. Of how she missed the semester exams, the big sports event, or how she had to go through it despite of the cribbing pain. Of how she had to miss the school trip as it was scheduled exactly on her The Date and came up with an excuse to tell her friends only to later discover that this time it simply was late. If you are making plans for travel, you have to check your period schedule first and pads and tampons are the first on your check list.periods

If that wasn’t all, the crazy pimple pop up. Uurgh!! Don’t even get me started with the cravings and lurking hunger. How many times have we drooled over the chicken wings when we have just wolfed down an entire McChicken Meal?period cravings

I mean why do we have to go through all the agony that too every other month. Okay, I do get the whole a-regular-menstrual-cycle-is-a-sign-of-a-healthy-body thing. But why did the sign have to be a mechanised saw cutting into every square inch of your uterus plus the heavy bleeding plus the sickness and cramps. Couldn’t your healthy pair of ovaries and uterus signal you by tickling your tummy or a week long great hair days. It could have been so much better and so much fun. But no! Life had to be cruel. Dearest Mother Nature, I hope you are listening.period stress

I am 25 and still can’t handle my period. I still get frustrated as hell like I used to when I was 15. It is exhausting every month. It never gets better. But as we grow up we learn to embrace it. Slowly, but surely. It still is stressful and tiring. But we come into terms with it. Or at the very best try to. To say the least it is a life saver, when we are not trying to get pregnant. Sure we bleed, we bleed for five long days without dying and we do it every month. Well boys, how many of you can say that.period

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