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Why a Girls’ Only Trip should be on your List

Haven’t all of us always wanted to be on our own, at least for a day? Away from the monotony of the job, the cranky dishes, the dirty laundry. Ugh!! Tell me about it. We all crave for that much deserved holiday. And what’s best than a girls’ only trip. Think about it. You and […]

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#ShareTheLoad: The new Ariel Ad Campaign

So far, 2016 has been very eventful for me. I have been travelling most of the time, attending weddings and doing a lot more other things. My blog was suffering. I knew it. It made me guilty but I just couldn’t find enough time. As expected, my support system, my husband took charge and started […]

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De-stress for a Happy Healthy You

An epic traffic jam, job, no job, a fuming spouse, rebellious kids, enough reasons to add to our stress levels. We find immense number of such stress boosters in and around us, every day, every minute of our lives. Increased stress levels can contribute to headaches, hypertension, depression, insomnia, anxiety disorders and God knows what […]

travel packing

Your Travel Packing Essentials

Packing for a trip can be a real task in itself. You never know what you need and you end up packing this and that and everything else and forget that one most essential thing. Admit it. We have all done that. It is always best to start with a checklist of things you’ll need. […]

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In the Land of the Bongs

The whole trip started with my cousin and me getting bored with our lives and desperately seeking a break from it. So here are two girls taking a few days off and setting out to the land of the Bongs. The plans were made and changed then and there. Thanks to IRCTC, Oyo Rooms and […]


Why having a Cousin of the Same Age is Awesome

Do you have a cousin of the same age? I mean the one born in the same year as you, the one who went to school and college the same year as you. The one you grew up with. Having a cousin of your age is awesome. I have three, one boy and two girls, […]

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48 Hours in Hyderabad

After two months of doing nothing, my husband and I decided it was time to explore Hyderabad. After a lot of planning for a week or so, came the much awaited weekend and thus started our 48 hours in Hyderabad. DAY 1 I usually wake up with a mug full of water on my face […]

Mrs Funnybones

Mrs. Funnybones

I bought the kindle edition of Mrs Funnybones, which was priced at Rs 83 then. The paperback is now priced at Rs 164 and the kindle edition at Rs 123.50. I wanted to read Mrs Funnybones because of its popularity and star value. But of course, the popularity comes with the star value itself, considering […]

bride entry

Best Bridal Entry Songs

The wedding season is here and every bride is brainstorming for ideas to ensure every moment of her marriage is the perfect fairytale moment. The most significant part of a wedding is undoubtedly the entry of the bride and we leave no stone unturned to make it beautiful and memorable. The lights, probes, backdrop, costume […]

Gender Equality Feminism

Why I need Feminism

When asked if he was a feminist, Salman Rushdie said “Yes. What else is there to be? Everything else is being an asshole” (The Huffington Post), exactly my point. I have met men and women alike who are confused if they are a feminist or not. After reading an article they think they are and […]