Mrs Funnybones

Mrs. Funnybones

I bought the kindle edition of Mrs Funnybones, which was priced at Rs 83 then. The paperback is now priced at Rs 164 and the kindle edition at Rs 123.50. I wanted to read Mrs Funnybones because of its popularity and star value. But of course, the popularity comes with the star value itself, considering how each of us follows Bollywood day in and day out.

Twinkle Khanna, born to celebrities, married to another, been one herself, we all make the mistake of judging her. I made it too. I decided she had it all. But the struggles of most of the modern Indian women, you, me and her are but the same. And she has successfully illustrated them in her writing. She is the boss of herself and is full of surprises.

Mrs Funnybones is a pleasure read and Twinkle Khanna’s comic timing is spot on. Most of the book is a collection of her columns in Times of India. This book is like the big bar of dark chocolate you nibble on during your PMS or the fancy low calorie ice cream that pulls you through a breakup.

It is not a great literary masterpiece if that’s what you are expecting. It definitely is a good tea time read. It is a great way to relax. And it is funny, not in a hilarious, tummy-rolling, tears-bursting way. But it definitely leaves a smirk on our face. It is a good satirical laugh. I love how she flaunts her funny bones at every nook and cranny of the book, especially when she shares snippets from her past, episodes with her own children and taunts Indian customs as and when she finds an opportunity.

Mrs Funnybones

Mrs Funnybones is quirky, blunt, honest and harmlessly pun-intended like its author. Twinkle, here is not afraid to take a dig at the PM or to laugh at herself while defiantly staring at showbiz in a been-there, done-that, well-actually-done-with-it attitude.

Having written it from the eyes of a modern Indian woman, who has a job to do and a family to run, Twinkle Khanna shares her insight as a mother, wife, daughter and daughter-in-law. You are reminded of yourself when you read the book. When she shares her conversation with the auto driver, you see yourself, forgotten and dismissed as you shuttle between your work, your family and yourself. It is something you could easily relate to. You are assured you are not the only one who live and think the way you do. It, of course, is heartening to know that the life of a celebrity is (in certain ways) no different from that of yours, except travelling to Germany every year, having both Ram and Pappu at your disposal or being followed by paparazzi hither and thither. Well, she admits in advance, “Mrs Funnybones is just like you and a lot like me”.

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