Mother's day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is round the corner. Well, there is no particular time to love your mom, express that love and shower that love on her. You should be doing it all around the year, every single second. That’s right, 24x7.

This mother’s day, shower your mom with some extra love. Surprise her and pamper her with a very special gift. But ooh! Choosing a gift for your mom or planning a surprise for her is never easy. Do we not know that? And mind you, anything you buy for the home is not a gift to your mom. It’s one for the house. About the gift for your mom, here is a small guide at your aid:

  1. For the mom who loves to sparkle: Jewelry that you dint spend too much on

2. For the mom who has a lot to carry, not just on her mind

3. For the mom who loves to read

4. For the mom who deserves to be taken care of: Spa essentials

5. For the fitness freak mom

6. For the mom who values time

7. For the mom who likes to razzle: Perfume

8. For the mom with a green thumb

9. For the mom who bakes

10. For the sophisticated mom

PS: A clean room, a dinner you made and the dishes done all by yourself, time well spent with her (phone down) all adds up to great mother’s day gifts.

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