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Why a Girls’ Only Trip should be on your List

Haven’t all of us always wanted to be on our own, at least for a day? Away from the monotony of the job, the cranky dishes, the dirty laundry. Ugh!! Tell me about it. We all crave for that much deserved holiday. And what’s best than a girls’ only trip. Think about it. You and your best girls, a new place, a new city, a new hotel, a new road, away from all the responsibilities. Well, what can I say? Pack your bags, ladies.

But before even such a plan sees the sun, a million people will raise concerns. Why it is not safe, how something or the other will go wrong and that the world out there is filled with ruffians, thugs and poison ivy and plenty of other things. Of course there are safety concerns. Ask yourself. Isn’t that there everywhere, every time, no matter where you are travelling to or with whom. You and I both know we are perfectly capable of looking after ourselves. Do not let anyone else tell you otherwise. You have your girls’ gang with you anyway. A girls’ only trip is the best break you could take. This is why:

ZerO responsibility

You can focus on yourself for a change and don’t have to nurture or take care of anyone else. Now that you are with your girls, you can quit being a mother, a wife; in general quit being the caretaker and take care of yourself alone.girls' trip

Packing is a lot easier

You can make a checklist together. Think your sunglasses are too old for the trip or don’t own a beach wear. Ask your friend to pack them for you. She would be more than happy to lend you one from her wardrobe. Forgot your lip balm, you can always borrow it from your friend.packing

You are the boss

Nobody is telling you what to do or what not to do. You discuss with your friends. You make the plans. You make the reservations, you cancel them. You are in charge of yourselves. Nobody is protecting you, but yourself. You are in command. boss girls trip

Shop till you drop

With your girls, shopping becomes really easy. They will help you choose between the turquoise top and teal top. You and I both know, your husband can barely see any difference. And guess what, you can shop without a ticking clock.girls' trip

Wear what you like

There is no one talking about or judging your clothes. Break free. Experiment. Go crazy. Wear that crop top you have always wanted to wear or the ripped jeans. Nobody is counting the holes in them.girls' trip

Endless talking

You have so many things to tell your girls’ gang. Don’t you. What is the perfect time for it than a holiday with them? Sometimes all you need is someone who would listen to all your problems. May be they have the same troubles as you or may be when you hear yourself out loud, you realize your problem wasn’t as big as you thought it was. You can also indulge in silly, stupid chats like those you had back in college. Endless talking with your girls is only therapy you need.girls' trip

No pressure

Climb up that hill or dive into the water. Your girls will never tell you “it’s not for girls”, or “you can’t do it”. Do everything you would have done before you grew up and responsibilities weighed you down. You don’t have to be nice. Just be yourself.girls' trip

Pout and click as much as you want

Go mad in front of the camera. Click a hundred selfies with your girls. Smile, pout, show off your funny side. Make memories last.girls' trip

Feel younger

When you take a trip with your girls, there is no one guarding you, no parents, husbands or in-laws. Here you overcome your fears, let go off your inhibitions, become truly free. Such a trip will help you revive your mind, body and soul and return home feeling younger after the trip. Most of all, it will be the most liberating experience you’ll ever have.girls' trip

This adventure will sure introduce you to a different version of yourself that you never knew existed. I have been on a few girls’ only trips myself. Take my word on it, girls make the best travel companions you’ve ever had. It is my strong belief that every girl should take such a trip at least once in her life. One long and far enough to awaken the younger, daring and happier you.  And once you do, you’ll never be able to forget it.

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