Is That You?- This Powerful Campaign by Dove and Blush Shatters Our Definition of Beauty

Blush and Dove launched this powerful campaign recently which is asking all the right questions about our age old perception of beauty. This great campaign hits society’s definition of beauty right in the face and celebrates India’s female athletes. Watch it here:


“Chubby cheeks, Dimple Chin

Rosy lips, Teeth within

Curly hair, Very fair

Eyes are blue, lovely too

Teacher’s pet, Is that you?”

These lines from the popular rhyme that we had all learned by heart and recited eagerly over and over again as a child, ends up haunting us by the end of this video. No two people are the same. We all look different.  We come from diverse ethnicity. Then why does our definition of beauty fit inside a little box?beauty

All the life hacks and beauty tricks on the internet to ‘naturally’ develop dimples, lighten our skin and everything else is proof enough for the narrow perception of ours. All the things we do for beauty. Sigh! We insist our little girls to stay indoors for the fear of getting tanned. We try all the life hacks and tricks we see on the internet to lighten our skin tone. We incessantly subject ourselves to every natural and chemical treatment that we stumble upon, to get that ‘ideal’ look on magazine covers. We pout, tilt our head, suck in our cheeks and pray to be rescued by multiple filters to get that perfect selfie. What we should actually be doing is be proud and confident in our skin and teach our kids the

This powerful campaign while questioning our skewed perception of beauty and breaking all absurd stereotypes that we are tired of, also asks us a real question, Is that the song you want your children to learn?


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