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De-stress for a Happy Healthy You

An epic traffic jam, job, no job, a fuming spouse, rebellious kids, enough reasons to add to our stress levels. We find immense number of such stress boosters in and around us, every day, every minute of our lives. Increased stress levels can contribute to headaches, hypertension, depression, insomnia, anxiety disorders and God knows what not. Before it is really late and you get a permanent furrowed brow, help yourself out in flushing out the stress out of your life. Here are a few ways to help you do just that.

Get a pet: Yeah, seriously, get one. A dog, a cat, a fish, a plant, anything. They can definitely help you bring down those high stress levels. The plant part is my favourite. Indoor plants, not just help you relax but also purify the air around you.

Pet Dog De-stress
Photo by Robert Larsson

Listen to your favourite song: For starters, have one. Listen to it and sing it. It is an age old technique but works just perfect for everyone. Show your moves. Come on.

Meditate, Exercise: Take some time to concentrate on your breathing.  Make it a habit to practice Yoga. Post-exercise endorphin rush helps to cut off stress sharply. It is high time you indulged your body in some workout. Your body needs it, so does your mind.

Travel: Pack your bags. Choose a destination. Take a break and travel. Travelling not only helps you relax but makes you modest and happier. This should always be there in your agenda and make time to take it off the agenda list and put it into action.

Travel packing

Laugh: Read a comic, watch the daily half an hour comedy show on TV and laugh, you silly. Laugh at every lame joke and make your own too. Laughing reduces tension and improves the health of your heart.

Open your window: Just looking out of your window can help you relax a lot. You must be even surprised to see whatever is waiting for you outside. I have a huge window in my working space at home and I have never hung a curtain across. Well, I am certainly not blessed with a great view like a few lucky people out there. But what I have is cool enough.

De-stress open your window

Photo by Ewa Stepkowska

Indulge in some me-time: Get a massage, pedicure, manicure. Pamper yourself. Go have a chocolate muffin or chaat at the street. But don’t take it as an excuse to unleash your anger at a large can of Baskin Robbins.

Sleep: Sleep is a natural stress reliever. But too much of it can make you lazy and down. Ensure you get adequate amounts of sleep every day.

Develop hobbies: Bring back your long lost hobbies. Give it more time. Make a craft, go swimming or cycling. Do what you love doing.swimming hobby

Sex: Simply talking about sex helps you relax a lot. Imagine what having sex could do to you.

Walk: Set out on your feet. A walk for a few minutes is great to clear your head and relax. Walking can do wonders to you. It is my magic potion. Whenever I find myself worrying constantly and depressed, I take a walk and de-clutter my head. Walking gives clarity to my thoughts.

walk, stress relief, relax

Photo by Pierre Rougier

Nibble on some chocolate: Not just any, Dark chocolate. It regulates stress hormone Cortisol and stabilizes mechanism. Cadbury Bournville Cranberry is my favourite. What’s yours?

Scent it up: Studies show Aromatherapy reduces stress levels. They don’t make scented candles for nothing. Gift yourselves and your loved ones a reed diffuser.

Close your eyes: Yes, shut the whole world down. Relax. It’s okay.

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