Father's Day Gift

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Picking a gift for your father could be quite tricky. After all we are talking about the guy who got us everything and everywhere. He is Super Dad. He has it all. What can you ever get him that he already didn’t have? Not that he is ever going to complain about the World’s Best […]

Mother's day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is round the corner. Well, there is no particular time to love your mom, express that love and shower that love on her. You should be doing it all around the year, every single second. That’s right, 24×7. This mother’s day, shower your mom with some extra love. Surprise her and pamper her […]

9 Great Mother’s Day Messages

Mother’s day is here once again and what is a celebration without the perfect card. And what is the perfect card than the one created all by yourself. But how do you tell her ‘I love you’, without sounding mushy. If you are brainstorming on what to write on the card, let me chip in […]

youngest kid

Being the Youngest Kid in the House

The pros and cons of being the youngest kid at home has been one of the most disputed topics of all time. Researches, scholars, scientists and politicians have spent years brainstorming, investigating, discussing and arguing only to figure out if being the youngest kid is good or bad. It is the most debated topic ranking above global […]


You are Beautiful. So am I

We never leave the house without looking into the mirror. We do everything to look beautiful. Rather than buying a pair of jeans that’s our size, we buy smaller jeans and try to squeeze ourselves into it. We starve ourselves. We follow the daily ritual- Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Foundation, blah, blah blah. We spend hours […]


Why having a Cousin of the Same Age is Awesome

Do you have a cousin of the same age? I mean the one born in the same year as you, the one who went to school and college the same year as you. The one you grew up with. Having a cousin of your age is awesome. I have three, one boy and two girls, […]