You should have asked

This was originally posted here: You should’ve asked by the amazing graphic artist Emma   Here is the english version of my now famous “Fallait demander” ! Thanks Una from for the translation 🙂


Is That You?- This Powerful Campaign by Dove and Blush Shatters Our Definition of Beauty

Blush and Dove launched this powerful campaign recently which is asking all the right questions about our age old perception of beauty. This great campaign hits society’s definition of beauty right in the face and celebrates India’s female athletes. Watch it here:   “Chubby cheeks, Dimple Chin Rosy lips, Teeth within Curly hair, Very fair […]

self defence

Self Defence: Defend yourself, Refuse to be a Victim

Recently a 27 year old woman saved herself from an Uber cab driver who abused and threatened to rape her. What had helped her at this time of need was the self defence class she had taken 15 years ago in her school. There you have it. We do everything to protect our girls from […]

Go green

Go Green Practices for the Home

World Environmental Day is a very important day not only for the United Nations, but for each of us who cares for the planet at the least. This day shows up as a hanging sword over our necks every year reminding us of all the things we are doing wrong. You already know that endangered species, […]

grown up

10 Signs you have kinda, sorta become a Grown up

You have a job. You do your laundry yourself. You don’t ask your parents for money anymore. But does that mean you are a grown up now. Have you really become an adult? I am not talking about the empirical formula according to which in the morning of your 18th birthday you suddenly transform to […]

Maternity leave

Parental Leave: The Job and The Family

For women, the wedding ring could mean less chance of being hired or promoted because she is expected to pop out another human being any time. An employer doesn’t want someone like that on team. When I say ‘someone like that’, any woman married or not, who wants kids now, later or never, because they […]


No Country for Women

Women in our country have come so far. They have achieved so much. We had a female Prime Minister, the head of the government, way back in 1966. Indian women have reached all spheres of life. They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, bureaucrats and what not. Women in our country hold many top political positions. Even […]

period myths

7 Period Myths from around the World

The word ‘taboo’ which means something prohibited, forbidden or restricted, something that is unacceptable and improper, is said to be derived from the Polynesian word “tupua”, which means menstruation. Howzat? Since time unknown, this very natural process that is related to sustaining life on Earth, has been misunderstood and considered unholy and horrible that it […]

sexist comments comebacks

Things men are tired of hearing and the Comebacks that they deserve

Men in our society, since ages are considered the strong and powerful individual who are sometimes mere (but sturdy) machines that provide for the rest of us, fix things, protect us, carry us and our stuff, pay our bills and so on. Yes, men are also prey of being stereotyped since ages. Not all the men are […]

sexist comments comebacks

Things women are tired of hearing & the Comebacks they deserve

I still have to meet a woman who has never been catcalled on the street, never been reminded of her ‘weaknesses’ as a woman and never been in a group in which someone cracks a sexist joke and everyone else just laughs. Sometimes people don’t see it, even when thrown at their faces, because they […]