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7 Period Myths from around the World

The word ‘taboo’ which means something prohibited, forbidden or restricted, something that is unacceptable and improper, is said to be derived from the Polynesian word “tupua”, which means menstruation. Howzat? Since time unknown, this very natural process that is related to sustaining life on Earth, has been misunderstood and considered unholy and horrible that it shouldn’t even be talked about. And that’s exactly what we are going to do. Talk about it. Not about periods, but the wild myths that surround them from around the world.

1. Period attracts Bears and Sharksperiod myth

You probably meant Piranha. Then again I don’t believe they would check for pads or tampons before they eat you up

2. Pickle will rot if you touch it during your period

Hey, if your pickle is spoilt just throw it away don’t blame it on somebody’s period

3. Drinking period blood would give you leprosyperiod myth

So believed the people in the Medieval Europe. To start with, I thought vampires were the myth. Could vampires really catch leprosy? Aren’t they dead already? Why would they drink from a vagina? Ugh!! This is too much information for me.

4. Food prepared by menstruating women get contaminated

I am sure this was something a woman came up with and I would love to believe and endorse it. Who wouldn’t want a break from the kitchen at least for a few days every month.

5. Period blood kills cropsperiod myth

The Roman naturalist wrote that period blood could kill crops, while the Ancient Greece believed menstrual blood increased fertility. Come on, decide which one.

6. Period blood rusts iron

I do not know about blood, but I know someone else who does that. Oxygen. May be we should all stop breathing. Because, most ironically, our blood has iron and what if it gets rusted too.

7. Period blood was thought to be an aphrodisiacperiod myth

Chocolate or period blood. It is a difficult decision.

In many cultures, menstruating women are isolated in period huts, not permitted in religious spaces and associated with evil witches. These age old beliefs surrounding periods are not only weird but ridiculous, stupid, insane and insulting theories people dug up, probably because they had nothing better to do. Or because people instantly label something that they don’t understand as horrible, unacceptable and yes, call it a taboo. These are huge obstacles that hold that are holding back our women and girls. These are nothing but myths and we are better off without them.

Can you think of any other period myths you have heard. If you have, let us know in the comments

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