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10 Signs you have kinda, sorta become a Grown up

You have a job. You do your laundry yourself. You don’t ask your parents for money anymore. But does that mean you are a grown up now. Have you really become an adult? I am not talking about the empirical formula according to which in the morning of your 18th birthday you suddenly transform to an adult. No!grown up

Here are some of the rickety times when the world tried to tell us that we might actually have grown up:

  1. When younger people start giving you the how-your-generation’s-time-was-different-from-theirs crap

You know you are old now. You have given the same crap to people older than you once upon a time. Remember? Now that time, has passed.

  1. When you start giving out free advice

Ages of wisdom, few grey hair, the skin firming cream you have invested on, all of these give you the authority to counsel the foolish, never settling, stupid, vivacious and spirited younger generation. Uh.. I just can’t stand these full of themselves kids or their energy anymoregrown up

  1. When the above mentioned kids actually approach you for counsel

Who would ever have thought of this day in the wildest of their dreams? And you would narrate the tales of your undaunted life to the tots, so that they may know what is yet to come and learn the ways of life on this planet. All the while, you have made sure not to exhale the air of importance that you have filled your lungs with. Well, someone needs to tell them what is good for them and what is notgrown up

  1. When you start counting calories before eating

Good old days when you could throw yourself at the buffet spread and not feel a bit guilty of all the butter chicken, chole bhature and halwa you gobbled on, are long gone. Now you could actually afford a full course meal. But the calories in them and your inability to hit the gym regularly won’t let yougrown up

  1. You don’t know what compulsive shopping is anymore

You wait for the sale and then make a calculated move to hit the mall. You take gift vouchers and discounts very seriously. In fact, you have become so good at Maths that one look at the price tag and the discount and in the blink of an eye you have the numbers. You have also started weighing quality over quantity, both in terms of your clothes and friendsgrown up

  1. You have started saving

But you of course, can’t tell your friends. Each time you transfer that sum to your little piggy bank account you can almost hear your friends crying, “Oohh.. Somebody is all grown up and now she is saving and ooh and aah..”grown up

  1. Planning and scheduling apps are the new cool

You don’t fear discipline and you don’t hide your timetables anymore. It’s not like you haven’t made one before. But this time you are going to stick to the plan. At least that’s the plan.

  1. You don’t feel the urge to constantly check in, update status or post your selfies on social media anymore

Who does that anyway? You, a few years back, ring a bell? If not, scroll down your fb wall and see for yourselves.grown up

  1. Most popular actresses in the industry are younger than you are

This thought always makes me go L. The transition was most weird. But then I think about those actresses who are in their 30s 40s and 50s and still smashing hot. I know I’ll look like that. My anti-ageing cream is taking care of that. It better work

  1. Binge eating is not for you

You know who the enemy is, but you have no idea how to deal with it. But you’ll figure it out soon. Because you are a grown up nowgrown up

After reading this post, if you are feeling grown up and old, enjoy the view from up there or run towards your parents. That will make you young at once. And they would do that without fail. Or go pay a visit to that aunt or neighbour who without fail has pried on you, your studies, your marriage, your job and every single detail of your life, since the beginning of time. Thanks people for making us feel young all the time. Even if you can relate to most of these, we all have that inner child in us. Keep it young always.grown up

Are you a grown up yet? Have you been through any of these? What am I missing..

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