You should have asked

This was originally posted here: You should’ve asked by the amazing graphic artist Emma   Here is the english version of my now famous “Fallait demander” ! Thanks Una from for the translation 🙂

We fixed this for you

We fixed this for you

Dear responsible leaders of the nation, We know you are busy developing policies in favour of the country and doing everything in your power for the betterment of the society. We are sure you are too busy doing exactly this, that you have no time for anything else. Not even to prepare your public addresses […]


Is That You?- This Powerful Campaign by Dove and Blush Shatters Our Definition of Beauty

Blush and Dove launched this powerful campaign recently which is asking all the right questions about our age old perception of beauty. This great campaign hits society’s definition of beauty right in the face and celebrates India’s female athletes. Watch it here:   “Chubby cheeks, Dimple Chin Rosy lips, Teeth within Curly hair, Very fair […]

self defence

Self Defence: Defend yourself, Refuse to be a Victim

Recently a 27 year old woman saved herself from an Uber cab driver who abused and threatened to rape her. What had helped her at this time of need was the self defence class she had taken 15 years ago in her school. There you have it. We do everything to protect our girls from […]

Kitchen hacks

Amazing Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

You may be a Masterchef or you are a total novice and you totally suck in the kitchen just like me. Whether you are making dinner for the whole family or just happened to have a kitchen in your home (God knows how the kitchen came with the house), you might want to look at these smart […]

Go green

Go Green Practices for the Home

World Environmental Day is a very important day not only for the United Nations, but for each of us who cares for the planet at the least. This day shows up as a hanging sword over our necks every year reminding us of all the things we are doing wrong. You already know that endangered species, […]

Father's Day Gift

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Picking a gift for your father could be quite tricky. After all we are talking about the guy who got us everything and everywhere. He is Super Dad. He has it all. What can you ever get him that he already didn’t have? Not that he is ever going to complain about the World’s Best […]

grown up

10 Signs you have kinda, sorta become a Grown up

You have a job. You do your laundry yourself. You don’t ask your parents for money anymore. But does that mean you are a grown up now. Have you really become an adult? I am not talking about the empirical formula according to which in the morning of your 18th birthday you suddenly transform to […]

Maternity leave

Parental Leave: The Job and The Family

For women, the wedding ring could mean less chance of being hired or promoted because she is expected to pop out another human being any time. An employer doesn’t want someone like that on team. When I say ‘someone like that’, any woman married or not, who wants kids now, later or never, because they […]

Mother's day

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is round the corner. Well, there is no particular time to love your mom, express that love and shower that love on her. You should be doing it all around the year, every single second. That’s right, 24×7. This mother’s day, shower your mom with some extra love. Surprise her and pamper her […]